The Great Salsa Eddy - Dance Instructor: Salsa, Bachata, & More!

Salsa Eddy - Like No Other!
Eddy Deynes aka “SalsaEddy”, was born in Brooklyn, New York, on April 20, at 11:15AM. Son of Puerto Rican parents, he grew up in the cultural melting pot of the New York City, Eddy was introduced to all kinds of music at an early age.

Being a young, active man, he was especially attracted to danceable styles such as Rap, Hip-Hop, Disco, Dance, House, Techno, Reggae, Dance Hall, R&B, and Soul which he still enjoys today.

Eddy recalls being introduced by his parents to the varieties of music they especially liked. His dad liked the romantic music of Los Panchos, El Trio Vegabajeno.

His mother was especially fond of salsa and merengue music. She would play salsa and merengue music while she took care of the daily household chores.

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