Domonique Leger, Dancing Sensation

Domonique Leger - Dancing Bombshell!

Domonique Leger is a young professional dancer and a native Houstonian. She is part of the dance team Sambabom Houston, and performs primarily in the Houston area, but also travels for performances, competitions and presentations. Her favorite dance studio is Omni, where she practices and performs at most of the Omni Salsa socials.

She is also a sparkling TV personality for Meeko TV, a Houston local media company. She also works with Meeko Graphics and Meeko Spark providing visual and audio content. As part of Meeko, she's done celebrity interviews with local and national celebrities like Emmanuel Gonzalez, Mario Lopez and Beyonce's close group of friends and family.

On her TV show Rhythmic, she covers all genres of rhythm and dance music in current pop culture. She embraces the natural grace of older generations of music and the newer styles of Latin genres. 

Her aspirations are to grow her dancing career and share her passion with her family, friends and fans.

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